【T31】國立屏東科技大學 車輛工程系 複合材料與輕結構實驗室


車輛工程系 複合材料與輕結構實驗室


    CaLS Lab (Composites & Lightweight Structure Laboratory) was established in July 2002. The mission of CaLS Lab is to support students in learning the knowledge of composite materials and lightweight structure design. Recently, the crucial issues of energy crisis & environmental protection result in overwhelming researches in new energies and new powers for the transportation. Besides, the technology of weight saving is also critical to vehicle development. Lightweight structure & component may significantly increase the fuel efficiency and decrease the CO2 emission of the vehicles. The research showed that 10% weight reduction may result in 6~7% increase of fuel efficiency.
     In CaLS Lab, we have established strong background and experiences in designing lightweight structure and components for vehicles based on our well-developed techniques in CAE (Computer-Aided Engineering), EMA (Experimental Modal Analysis), impact crash simulation & test, THF (Tube Hydroforming) & SHF (Sheet Hydroforming), and filament winding, etc. We have successfully applied our techniques to serve the product design for automotive, aerospace, mechanical, military and electronic industries such as sedan car, SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle), OUV (Off-road Utility Vehicle), ultra-light aircraft, sounding rocket, armor vehicle, transit buses, motorbike, and 3C products.


  1. 車體與底盤結構設計分析
  2. 航太載具結構設計分析
  3. 複合材料設計與分析
  4. 結構碰撞模擬與測試
  5. 結構振動測試與分析

實驗室主持人:胡惠文 教授

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